All the Colors of the (RAL) Rainbow

Impregnable color to match your needs.

We developed Fortress Fusion powder coating to add years of beautiful, durable color to your projects - inside or out. Our color systems are designed to last for decades

Our powder coatings beat paint over galvanizing and meet ASTM D7803 specifications. We can match any color of paint over steel or galvanized steel, and even feature powder coating over aluminum. Our duplex systems are great for anything from structural supports, to handrails to fine art.

If you want quality color and a lifetime of strength, you want Fortress Fusion.

We offer 184 different standard colors using the RAL K7 Color Chart.

We can also supply a custom color of your choice - anything you can match. However, that does require a minimum purchase.

The chart below gives an idea of the colors we offer. Please note that your view of the chart cannot guarantee a perfect color rendering because of the differences in your video and printing rendering devices. However, please refer to an original RAL K7 Classic color card for a precise color reproduction.

Fortress Fusion is located in New York Mills, NY.

Please call to confirm availability.